a bold new vision

To create the building’s iconic stacked shaping, architects KPF took their inspiration from the original market porters’ baskets stacked on top of each other. Just as history inspires new architecture, we are privileged to be shaping a new era in Covent Garden with The Floral Court Collection, the first modern building to change the timbre of Floral Street, ushering - in a bold new architectural identity.


A balance of history and modernity

The modernity of our architecture is balanced by a deep respect for the history of our interiors. Residents and guests are welcomed into the grandeur of a beautifully restored 18th century lobby, once the Fire Station.

Cinema Room
Cinema Room

Iconic moments

As a Floral Court resident, Covent Garden opens up its secrets to you in a totally different way. The rare opportunity to live in this iconic setting is an experience that includes unprecedented first access to some of the most exciting social, retail, and dining partnerships to ever come here.


At your service

Being at home with experience means you can expect florist services, personal shoppers, and exclusive access across our Covent Garden estate, including unrivalled access to openings, special tables, private spaces, and iconic moments that simply won’t exist for anyone else.




  • Lunch delivery
  • International restaurants
  • Private chef
  • Private dining
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Wine purchasing


  • Domestic staff are on hand 24/7
  • Dry-cleaning
  • Education support
  • Home improvement services
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Deliveries
  • Relocation services


  • Art advisory and purchasing
  • Floristry
  • Gift service
  • Personal shopping
  • Retail services

Travel and transport

  • Aircraft and helicopter charters
  • Airport lounge and bookings
  • Bicycle repair and servicing
  • Car-hire and valeting
  • Chauffers
  • Holiday and hotel booking
  • Interpreters
  • Travel advisory and booking service

Social and cultural

  • Catering
  • Christmas party planning
  • City tours
  • Community and estate events
  • Nightclub advisory and table booking
  • Event design, inception, and management
  • Event entertainment, musical and variety
  • Private members’ clubs
  • Red-carpet events
  • Rooftop events
  • Social diary
  • Sold-out events
  • Ticket booking
  • Style and fashion
  • Hair and beauty
  • Scenting
  • Shoe care and maintenance
  • Spa booking service
  • Tailoring
  • Wellness