204 (12)

Floor number
Apartment number
Number of bedrooms
1-bed studio
Apartment type
Direction facing
Total area in sqm
Total area in sqft
Room name
02 Bedroom
Area in sqft
3.5m x 3.0m
Area in sqm
11'6" x 9'10"
Room name
01 Living/Dining/ Kitchen
Area in sqft
5.5m x 4.1m
Area in sqm
18'1" x 13'5"
Room name
03 Bathroom
Area in sqft
2.6m x 2.0m
Area in sqm
8'6" x 6'7"
Floor plate text
floor 2
Building plan highlighted
Floor plate showing the location of the flat on floor 2
Floor plan(s)
Floor plan showing floor layout, rooms and dimensions